The Difference Between the Past and the Modern Lives (buildings, education, food, and streets)

In this article, I would like to talk about the difference between old times and modern times. There are three different things that we write here.

1. Old buildings and Modern buildings.

In the past, buildings were still stage houses, small, and made by wood. They were not wide enough and they were still very traditional. Some examples of traditional houses are “Toraja House” or “Gedong House” and etc. In the present, many houses are in the modern shapes. They are built from bricks and they are wide . They also have fences. Hotel is one example of a modern building. Modern building also has more variations of architecture. Modern building is more efficient than the past buildings. Moderns buildings are also built strongly against the earthquake and storm.

2. Old Education and Modern Education

In the past, education was very traditional. Schools were still very simple and traditional. Many people did not really go to a formal school. They chose to study with their parents at home. They were only taught how to farm, plant, or breed pets. They only learned how to survive to live in very simple ways. In modern life. Education becomes very important. Children must go to school and learn many subjects like, mathematics, chemistry, and so on. They also can go to a cheap school or the expensive one if the parents have much money. The facilities are also very complete for example, laboratory, gymnasium, musc room and many more.

3. Old food and Modern food

The food in the past was very traditional. People even cooked the food in traditional ways like in the bamboo or clay pot. They also cooked the food with wood that they burned. In modern life, people invent many modern cooking utensils from metal. this can make them cook very fast. They also invent the modern stove with high technology. So the food can be cooked fast and easily. They also create many modern kinds of food that can be served quickly like hamburger, pizza, and so on.

4. Old streets and Moderns Streets

Streets in the past, were not big. They were also in the bad condition. If it rained, the streets could be very slippery and dangerous. In the rainy season, people could not go anywhere because the streets were closed. In the modern lives, people use technology like asphalt to make the streets smooth and clean. In the rainy season, people can still pass and use the streets

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